15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The 15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.
15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students
The 15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.
Applications for 15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for 15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students

Here are some brief descriptions of the top 15 PhD Scholarships for Banking and Financial Students.

#1. RTPs / UIPAs scholarship scheme:

Is worth 26 000 Australian dollars. Offered for international students of banking and finance for a Ph.D. program at UNSW business school for full-time study and research leading to a postgraduate research degree.
It includes a cover of tuition fees plus stipends available for three years with a possible extension of 6 months. Beneficiaries are awarded an additional 10 000 Australian dollars per year by UNSW Business School.

#2. TFS research scholarship scheme:

Grants beneficiaries 32 000 Australian dollars per year. It includes tuition fees.
This PhD Scholarship for Banking and Finance students at program at UNSW business school for full-time study and research leading to a postgraduate research degree and it lasts for three years with a possible extension of 6 months.

#3. Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program:

This fellowship in collaboration with the world bank is worth 25 000 dollars for Ph.D. students for banking and finance at any institutions of higher learning abroad for a period of six to ten months for candidates from developing countries.

#4. Global excellence scholarships:

The scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence. It is available at the University of Exeter. There is no special application for the scholarship, beneficiaries are picked from the application for admission.

#5. Aga Khan Scholarship:

This scholarship is available for students from member-state countries of Aga Khan. It is available for masters and Ph.D. degree programs.
The value of the scholarship is awarded on an individual basis and is available for all fields of study and all disciplines at any university of your choice. Scholarship link:

#6. Commonwealth scholarship at New Zealand:

This is available for eligible commonwealth countries (Nigeria inclusive), to study a Ph.D. program in New Zealand.
The scholarship lasts for three and half years and is worth tuition and other supplementary expenses.

#7. Fullbright New Zealand general graduate awards:

This scholarship is worth 31 000 dollars plus travel expenses and insurance for one year. It is available for promising graduate students with excellent academic records and who wish to pursue their Ph.D. in any field of their choice and applicants must take up a full-time postgraduate study or research at a US institution for at least six months.
The application deadline is the first of august every year. Scholarship link:

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#8. Scholarship for Ph.D. students at Rice University:

Rice University offers a wide range of financial assistance for its students. There are scholarship funds available for students pursuing their Ph.D. in banking and finance and other courses.
This scholarship covers full tuition, research support, and a generous stipend in exchange for teaching and research assistantship.
Additionally, all beneficiaries are entitled to a computer, a workspace, one thousand dollars and additional research expenses. Official scholarship website:

#9. University of Michigan’s scholarship scheme for The Ross School:

The University of Michigan offers a generous scholarship fund for Ph.D. students at The Ross School in the fields of banking, business, accounting, and finance.
The scholarship grant covers tuition, health insurance, and stipends for living expenses for either teaching or research assistantship (having to work alongside the faculty as developing experts and engaging in active research). Official scholarship website:

#10. The University of Rochester’s scholarship scheme for PhD students:

with the aim of providing excellent research and solutions to the world there are funds allocated for aiding student pay their school fees at the University of Rochester.
These funds cover tuition waiver, stipends from either fellowships or research assistantships and cover of travel expenses for beneficiaries.
Official scholarship website

#11. Ghent University Top-Up Grants for International Students in Belgium:

this scholarship is available for students from developing countries to study English taught master’s program in Ghent University, Belgium.
The grant is worth 650 euros per month and an all-in assurance which covers health, civil liability and repatriation. Each study program selects the top 3 students for the scholarship. No special application needed. Scholarship information:

#12. Japan / World Bank Scholarship Program:

This scholarship fund is available for students from developing countries for 1–2 years. The worth of the scholarship is individual.
The scholarship is available for students pursuing a master’s program in any field of study and any discipline and at any university.
Scholarship link

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#13. Qatar Foundation Scholarship:

the Qatar Foundation Scholarship is awarded based on the individual and is available to all students irrespective of their nationalities.
The scholarship is available for study in all academic fields of study for students of undergraduates, masters and doctorate programs and lasts for the duration of the study.
It includes a tuition waiver and other supplementary fees required during the duration of the study.
Scholarship website

#14. Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship at Federation University Australia:

the Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship is worth full waiver of tuition and stipend for living expenses at the Federation University in Australia.
The fund award is available for international and home students pursuing their bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D. programs in all academic fields of study.
Scholarship link

#15. Curtin University in Australia offering Curtin International Scholarships – CRL Merit Scholarship:

the Curtin International Merit scholarship award is available to international students at the Curtin University in Australia for their bachelor’s masters and doctoral programs.
It covers s 20% waiver of tuition for their first year of study.
It is based on high academic achievement from previous education.
Scholarship link

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