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NN Future Matters Scholarship

NN Future Matters Scholarship
NN Scholarship

With the help of the NN Future Matters Scholarship, you will have the power to now make a choice. You see, the scholarship came with a different kind of benefit. These benefits are literally to help students maximize their career potential. Of course, the NN Future Matters Scholarship favours international students who want to make something good out of their lives and career. So, here goes.

Currently, the NN Future Matters Scholarship is structured in a way that, you can make your choice to study from any of the nine different great universities listed below. Basically, another benefit of this NN Future Matters Scholarship is to help the eligible winners make a headway in their chosen fields. This is because the organizers of the NN Future Matters Scholarship will match every winner with a mentor that will coach them throughout their study years.

NN Group

Firstly, the NN is a group that is behind the NN Future Matters Scholarship. That said, the Nationale-Nederlanded (NN) group is one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the Netherlands with its headquarters in the Hague.

NN Future Matters Scholarship

In continuation, one of the priorities of the NN Future Matters Scholarship is to build the economic capabilities of today’s young people. As it stands, the NN takes social responsibility very seriously. That is the reason why they are giving out support to the young people who need it and also, access to their expertise. Also, the scholarship will only be beneficial to students from the selected countries.

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Not only that though, but you must also be the first within your family to go for a university degree. More so, you must be in need of financial support and ready to study for your master’s degree in the Netherlands, regardless.

Therefore, if you fit into this category, why not apply for the NN Future Matters Scholarship already?

Scholarship value

The NN Future Matters Scholarship is worth 5,00 euros, as the case may be.

Eligible fields:

  • Data science
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Risk management

Eligible countries

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Turkey


In continuation, this scholarship has monetary benefits and non-monetary benefits.

  • Firstly, a mentorship
  • Secondly, you will receive 4,500 euros in two installments of 2,250 euros each during the academic year. Then again, 500 euros at the end of your studies. However, this excludes the students from Turkey and Japan.

Rather, scholarships for students from Japan and Turkey are larger (up to a maximum of 20, 000 euros). This is because, Turkish and Japanese students are from non-EEA countries hence, they pay much higher tuition fees than EEA students.

Application Criteria

  • First and foremost, be from one of the eligible countries
  • Pick a full-time course from the eligible fields in any of the participating Dutch Universities
  • The master’s degree starts in September of the academic year 2022-2023
  • Also, you must be the first in your family to have a bachelor’s degree. That is, a first-generation academic in your family
  • Then, be able to prove your strong financial need for the scholarship
  • Importantly, meet the specific admission requirements of the institution of your choice. Remember, you can choose any university from the participating universities listed below
  • Preferably, you have not studied or worked abroad
  • To be clear, when you apply for a 2-year master’s program, your scholarship will cover only one academic year. However, you can apply for a scholarship for the second year of your master’s program.
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How to apply

Note that, your application should be submitted online through the online application system

  • Firstly, collect all required information and documents before starting with your online application. Remember, it is not possible to save your application and continue at a later stage. So, you need to finish the application in one go.
  • By the way, the scholarship board can reject your application if it is not complete or, if the documents do not match the requirements
  • Submit one application, rather. Also, if you consider more than 2 study programs, name them in the remark field of your application.

Besides, if you have any questions, please, email [email protected]

Participating universities

In line with this, nine Dutch universities are participating in this NN Future Matters Scholarship program. the universities will basically offer you the eligible courses listed above.

Erasmus University

Email: [email protected]

Maasticht University

Email: [email protected]

Radboud University Nijmegen

Email: [email protected]

Tilburg University

Email: [email protected]

University of Amsterdam

Email: [email protected]

University of Twente

Email: [email protected]

Utrecht University

Email: [email protected]

VU Amsterdam

Email: [email protected]

Eindhoven University of Technology

Email: [email protected]

Required application documents

  • Firstly, a copy of your diploma and study results of your current or previous higher education. But if not yet available, please include an overview of your study results
  • Motivation letters
  • Also, your CV with current photo
  • Admission letter
  • Two reference letters
  • Finally, a copy of your ID card or passport

Please click here for the full details of the scholarship application documents required

Closing date: April 8, 2022

Importantly, NN Group and Nuffic will assess all eligible applications and select the winners of the scholarship. Please, be ready to receive the update of the results by mid-June 2022.

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