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Scholarships in Australia 2022

Scholarships in Australia
Scholarships in Australia

A lot of Scholarships in Australia are up for grabs for scholars of different academic levels. Literally, top schools and institutions in Australia are bringing out funds to sponsor scholars from all walks of life and also from Australia. It is, however, important that you check out all the information related to the school you choose. Not just that, but also check out the criteria of the school or institution scholarship and make sure you are eligible before you start applying. Again, these Scholarships in Australia do not have the same application closing dates. Therefore, it is advisable to start as soon as possible, especially if your preferred school has limited slots and closing dates. So, if you wish to school in Australia, now is the time to make that dream a reality.


To start with, Australia is a sovereign transcontinental country. It comprises the mainland of the Australian continent and the island of Tasmania. Also, the country is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy that has 6 states and 10 territories. The capital city is Canberra, while the largest city in Australia is Sydney.

Furthermore, Australia is among the top developed countries in the world with high-class universities scattered all over the country. As a matter of fact, this country is on the list of countries with quality life and education. Moreover, international students have since made Australia their study final stop because of the good governance, economy, and quality educational system.

Scholarships in Australia

For clarification, Scholarships in Australia come in different packages. There is no one rule guiding them all. This is because the Scholarships in Australia are all from different Universities and institutions willing to fund the academic pursuit of scholars.

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Specifically, you can find scholarships for almost every scholar. Take, for example, you can find scholarships for:

  • People with disability
  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Continuing students
  • International students
  • High achieving students
  • New students
  • Research scholars
  • Indigenous students
  • Etc

To continue, there are lots of eligible courses specific for different schools that are giving out Scholarships in Australia.

So, these schools are:

University of South Australia

First and foremost, the University of South is a top-tier university in Australia. This university creates scholarships opportunity each year for both international and national students. Not just that but also, for every kind of discipline, and any academic level.


Alexander Symonds Surveying Grant

Badge SA Scholarship

elmTEK Grant

Hypatia Scholarship for Mathematically Talented Women

Southcott Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship

Wilhelm Ruff Science Grant

Scholarships Link here


The University of Sydney

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) International Scholarship

Firstly, this scholarship is for international Postgraduate research students.

More so, the scholarship is funded by the Australian government. It has a value of $124,000.

As it stands, the scholarship provides your tuition fee and living stipends.

Scholarship Link here


MONASH University

Here, Monash University is giving out lots of scholarships to lots of academic scholars. Interestingly, some came with “No application required”. Also, these scholarships are almost in favor of every scholar, both indigenous and international students. By the way, you can find your course in multiple scholarships because MONASH University has scholarships in abundance.

Accounting Honours Scholarship

Achieving Potential Indigenous Support Scholarships

Achieving Potential Scholarships for Distinction

Alex Raydon Scholarship for Refugee or Migrant Students

Alistar Lloyd Excellence and Leadership Scholarship

Bachelor of International Business Foundation Year Scholarship

Biomedicine Discovery Scholarship

Co-funded Monash Graduate Scholarship (CF-MGS)

Donovan-Johnston Memorial Scholarship

Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

Engineering Masters Pathway Scholarship

Interestingly, there are up to 200 scholarships from MONASH University.

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However, we can not list all, so, go through this Link to find a befitting scholarship for your career goal.



Macquire University

In continuation, Macquire University is another top university in Australia with massive funding for scholarships. Literally, these scholarships cut across all fields of discipline for both indigenous and international students. Also, you could find scholarships for bachelor’s degree students, master’s degree students, and Ph.D. programs.

Therefore, each year, Macquire University awards around $6 million in scholarships. Most importantly, these scholarships are given out on academic merit, diversity, leadership, and/or key achievements like sports and voluntary experience.

In essence, there’s a wide range of scholarships for students from all backgrounds. So, diligently search for the one that suits.

Link for Macquire University International Students Scholarships and Grants

Meanwhile, all you have to do is select your country on the page and then the field of study. Then again, you can click ‘all’ at the section for country selection.

Macquire University Domestic Students Scholarships Link


Deakin University

To say the least, this university is well known for its academic excellence in Australia. In fact, this school has been contributing to the economic growth and development of the country. It does so through funding the education of students even at the international level. This Deakin University has scholarships for research scholars, external students, master’s, high-performing students, and even bachelor’s degree students. Importantly, the university is well recognized both nationally and globally.

Although most undergraduate scholarships are closed for the year, post-graduate students and research scholars are in luck. Also, there are External scholarships at Deakin University that students can apply for. However, these scholarships are offered by organizations not affiliated with Deakin University.

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Undergraduate scholarships

Postgraduate scholarships

Research scholarships

External scholarships

International student scholarships

Deakin alumni discount

Finally, you can find a perfect match for your studies from the list of these Scholarships in Australia. No matter your academic level, there is something for you. Question is, do you want to study in Australia?




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