Scholarships in UAEU 2022

Find attached, another round of amazing opportunities below. Now, when it comes to education, lack of funds should not be a barrier for you to achieve the career goals you set. So, we took our scholarship search to UAE and came back with an interesting one. Here, there are lots of Scholarships in UAEU for both national and international students. This scholarship will certainly be beneficial to students at different levels of their education.

Therefore, if the United Arab Emirates is your target education destination, the opportunities in United Arab Emirates University will help you focus more on your traveling and less on funding your education over there. However, Scholarships in UAEU largely depend on the availability of budget.  Additionally, it is important to know that, passing all the requirements does not actually guarantee selection. But hopefully, you just might be lucky.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a country in western Asia. It is made up of 7 Emirates which are; Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah. The United Arab Emirates’ capital city is Abu Dhabi. Again, the country is located at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

Also, its most populous city or emirate is Dubai which is well known internationally. In the UAE, each emirate is governed by an Emir, and the 7 Emirs come together to form the Federal Supreme Council. Out of one of the Emirs, one becomes the president of the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, except in Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Education oversees the education system in UAE. The higher education department of this ministry is responsible for admitting students into the university. Literally, one of the best universities in UAE is the United Arab Emirates University.

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United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)

Firstly, the UAEU is the oldest university in the United Arab Emirates. The university is located in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. Also, the university is a top-ranking public research university. One of the best with very high educational standards though. Interestingly, In 2010, the business school wing of the university ranked the 3rd best business school in Africa and the Middle East. Again, in 2021, this school ranked number284 in the world university ranking and 27 in the top 50 under 50 universities.

Importantly, the university covers from Bachelor’s degree up to the Ph.D. degree level. More so, the Ph.D. level offers a wide range of courses, including courses for professional fields. So, these Scholarships in UAE are all powered by this phenomenal school.  A school that accepts international students every academic year.

Scholarships in UAEU

Usually, Scholarships in UAEU is a program that covers a wide variety of studies. Mind you, these scholarships are all available to both international students and the citizens of the UAE.

Full-Ride Scholarships from Masters to Ph.D. for UAE Nationals

Mainly, the Full-Ride scholarship is to recruit high achieving Emirati undergraduate students in certain majors at UAEU. This is to literally, provide full financial support to the selected students and encourage Emirati students to pursue their graduate studies after Bachelor’s degree. Also, a strategy to graduate more Emirati nationals with a doctorate degree and make them more relevant to the UAE as well.


In continuation, there are requirements that you must meet before anything else

  • Firstly, have a GPA of 3.5/4.0 in bachelor’s degree from UAE
  • Have no employment or other financial sponsorship
  • Enroll in a thesis-based Master’s program that leads into a PhD
  • Also, have thesis in one of the UAE priority sectors (Renewable Energy, Transportation, Health, Water, Technology, Space).
  • Meet the Master’s admission requirements and apply: here
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  • Full tuition waiver
  • Monthly stipend
  • Extra bonus: up to AED 1,500 from supervisors’ research project


Here, the duration is 6 years (2 years for Masters, 4 years for Ph.D.)

Duties and Expectations

Although you got the scholarship, there are rules you must keep to.

  • Firstly, maintain a GPA of 3.5 at the Master’s level
  • Be enrolled full-time (minimum of 9 credits/semesters) at the Master’s/PhD level
  • Be available at UAEU full-time at the Master’s/PhD level
  • More so, Commit to a minimum of 40hrs/week on courses and/or research projects at the Master’s/PhD level.

How to Apply

  • Complete the application here
  • Complete and submit the Full-Ride Scholarship Application and all requirement

For more information on Full-Ride Scholarship, visit here

Ph.D. Scholarship for all Nationalities

Firstly, the scholarship aims to fund the study of high-achieving graduate students in certain majors at UAEU. Also, this provides them with continuous support financially through their Ph.D. studies.

Moreover, the scholarships criteria are very competitive and require you to produce certain documents like GRE Score, letters of recommendation, Journal publications, and others. So, get these documents ready before you apply.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Have a GPA of 3.5/4.0 in Master’s degree
  • Have no employment or other financial sponsorship
  • Also, have a dissertation in one of the UAE priority sectors (Renewable Energy, Transportation, Health, Water, Technology, Space).
  • Meet the Ph.D. admission requirements and apply: here


  • Full tuition waiver
  • Monthly stipend
  • Health insurance (optional)


  • Up to AED 3,000 from the supervisor’s external research project


  • Up to AED 2,000 from the supervisor’s internal research project
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Usually, the duration is 4 Years


  • Maintain GPA 3.3 at the Ph.D. level
  • Be enrolled full-time (minimum of 9 credits/semesters) at the Ph.D. level
  • Be available at UAEU full-time
  • Finally, Commit to a minimum of 40hrs/week on courses and/or research projects throughout the year.

To Apply

  • Complete the admission application here
  • Complete and submit the Ph.D. Scholarship application

For more information on the Ph.D. Scholarship (All Nationalities) visit here

The ICT Scholarship program at UAEU

Actually, the UAEU is pleased to announce the opportunity in the school. Meaning that Emirati students in majors related to Information Technology and communications in the College of Engineering and the College of Information Technology can apply for this scholarship. So, as usual, the scholarship is funded by the Information and Communication Technology fund.

For details and applications visit here

Ph.D. Scholarship by the National Space Science and Technology Centre for UAE Nationals

 Details: here

The Hamdan bin Rashid Scholarship program at UAEU (Master of Educational Innovation)

Details: here

Email: [email protected]

Closing dates for all scholarships: between April 30 or March 31, 2022

More information and specific details about all Scholarships in UAEU: click here


Certainly, these Scholarships in UAEU do not require much from the candidates by the way. You only need to have good grades and you are good to go. Besides, the UAEU also has provisions for fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships as well. So, just click on the “more information” up there, and just maybe, you might find something interesting enough, regardless.

Remember, we have your scholarship interests at heart. So, we bring you new and ongoing scholarships to your doorstep.

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