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Undergraduate Italian Scholarships

undergraduate Italian scholarships

Italy is one of the best countries for students worldwide with its rich culture and historical facts. The Roman country stands gallantly in splendour, welcoming people from far and wide under its wings. Hence, studying in Italy can be much better than you imagined with some undergraduate Italian scholarships.

In this post, I’ll introduce some of the best undergraduate Italian scholarships for international students. Furthermore, you’ll get information on their details, benefits, requirements, and application processes. Therefore, ensure you stick with this post to the end, as every detail matters.

Here are some of the prominent undergraduate Italian scholarships for students outside the country:

  • Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program
  • Bocconi Merit and International Awards
  • University of Bologna Study Awards for International Students

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Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

Under the excellence scholarship program, the University of Padua is offering fifty brilliant awards to international students. Therefore, if you wish to study for a bachelor’s degree at the university, you can try it today. 

Again, the scholarship aims for prospective students who are broadly talented. Also, along with other requirements, the student should be pursuing a course that the university teaches in English. 


The Excellence Program is a full scholarship worth 8,000 euros. It covers the tuition of the candidate. The scholarship lasts for three years for a bachelor’s degree.

Furthermore, there are partial tuition fee scholarships at the University of Padua. All scholarships have a corresponding amount as an allowance for the students.


All interested persons must meet the following requirements to stand a chance at this scholarship:

  • Citizenship: Only candidates that don’t have Italian citizenship are eligible. However, candidates who have dual citizenship that include Italian may apply.
  • Place of Residence: Only candidates who don’t reside in Italy are eligible.
  • Certificate Qualifications: All candidates must hold a non-italian upper secondary school certificate. Furthermore, this certificate must allow admission to the Italian university system.
  •  Admission Requirements: Interested persons must be applying for one or more degree programmes the university of Padua teaches in English. However, the candidate must keep to all the procedures for application and must apply before the deadline. Also, candidates should note that they can only apply for up to three programs.
  • Fee Payment: All candidates must pay the pre-enrolment fee of 30 euros before the deadline.
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Admission Process

Firstly, candidates must apply for the program they choose. Once they meet all the eligibility requirements, the school will automatically consider them in the selection process. Hence, it doesn’t require any separate application, and there will be no need for additional documents or forms to fill.

Lastly, candidates should ensure they make their application before the deadline. The deadline varies with the program the candidate wants to go for. Therefore, candidates should ensure they do proper research on the deadline of their program.

Bocconi Merit and International Awards

The city of Milan is one of the most prominent cities in Italy. Hence, if you’re looking forward to studying in Italy, go to a university in Milan. Speaking of a university in Milan, Bocconi University is an excellent option.

Moreover, if you choose to study at Bocconi University, you will stand a chance at the Merit Awards. The university offers a specific number of awards to international students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s. Also, the award depends purely on the academic standing of all applying candidates.


The Merit Award clears the full tuition of the candidates with other additional benefits. It is worth approximately 12,000 euros for a year.

The university offers the Bocconi International Award as a follow up to the Merit Awards. It doesn’t remove the entire tuition but deducts 50% for undergraduate applicants. Both awards are renewable for a maximum of two years for undergraduate students. Furthermore, every person who wishes to renew the scholarship must demonstrate academic progress.


The requirements for the award are straightforward. They include:

  • All applicants must be international students
  • They must be applying for their first year in a bachelor’s program at the University of Bocconi
  • Candidates must prove to be academically sound for the scholarship
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Application Process

Firstly, candidates must apply to an undergraduate program at Bocconi University. On applying, the school automatically considers the applicants for the scholarship during the selection process. Hence, candidates should not look forward to a separate scholarship.

The selection depends mainly on your academic merit and standing. Lastly, apply before the deadline to avoid complications.

University of Bologna Study Awards for International Students

The University of Bologna is another reputable institution in Italy. It offers study grants to intellectually capable international students registering for First, Single, and Second Cycle Degree Programmes. Additionally, it provides full-tuition fee waivers to students willing to study in the institution.


The benefits of the award depend on the program the student chooses. Hence, it follows the group below:

  • For First Cycle and Single Cycle Degree Programs: It offers three study grants worth approximately 11,000 euros under Unibo Action 2. Under Unibo Action 1, it provides full-tuition fee waivers worth 20,000 euros.
  • For Second Cycle Degree Programs: It offers 15 study grants worth approximately 11,000 euros under Unibo Action 2. Under Unibo Action 1, it provides full-tuition fee waivers worth 80,000 euros. 

Under Unibo Action 2, the study grants last for a year only. Likewise, the total tuition waivers under Unibo Action 1 last for a year. However, under Unibo Action 1, the students pay about 157 euros in taxes, stamp duty and insurance premiums.


  • Age: Candidates must be less than 30 years old during the application
  • Academic Qualifications: All applicants must meet the educational requirements for their chosen program.
  • Admission Qualifications: The candidates must qualify for admission into the university
  • Protocols: Students already studying at the University of Bologna are not eligible. Additionally, anyone who has benefited from Unibo Action 1 or Unibo Action 2 is not qualified.
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Application Process

Interested persons may apply through an online channel. Lastly, they should read the application manually before filling out and submitting their forms.


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