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VinUniversity Scholarships
VinUniversity Scholarships

It’s that time of the year again when you have to apply for that scholarship you have always wanted. Apparently, the VinUniversity Scholarships can be that which you seek to move your academic pursuit higher. The VinUniversity is among the top universities in Vietnam that have set a good educational standard in the country.

More so, the VinUniversity Scholarships seeks out international students who can compete for the specific scholarships they offer. Therefore, it is important to calmly go through the requirements and decide if it’s for you. Also, if Vietnam is your country’s choice of study, then this VinUniversity Scholarships or other Vietnamese scholarships here might be a match. Just take your time here, there are lots to choose from.


So, Vietnam is a country in mainland of Southeast Asia with Hanoi as its capital city. It has borders with China, Cambodia, and Laos. More so, Vietnam is a member of almost 63 international organizations like the ASEAN, UN, WTO, and a host of others. The country implemented a policy to consistently be independent, self-reliant, develop more, and be open to diversification in their international relations. Moreover, this movement became practicalized when the country took great steps to restore diplomatic ties with the west, including the United States.

In continuation, Vietnam has been graduating scholars that have made impressionable contributions in so many academic fields, especially in the area of science, technology, and maths. In essence, universities in Vietnam are already taking their schools to a world-class standard and also putting the country’s name on the map, academically.

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Furthermore, VinUniversity is a private non-profit school located in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. VinUniversity is a new school established by a private group called VinGroup. However, the school has since gone ahead to form a collaboration with the Ivy league university of Pennsylvania. The VinUniversity has a lot of highly promising potential and is set to give international students a chance to fly high in their chosen fields through scholarships.

VinUniversity Scholarships

Clearly, VinUniversity wants to strengthen its pool of talents to grow as a truly multicultural academic environment in Vietnam. Also, the university insists on a strong commitment to diversity which made the university provide generous scholarships for international students.

VinUniversity Merit-based Scholarships


  • Students who possess outstanding academic capabilities, creativity, aspiration, and commitment will be granted 90%-100% scholarships. This scholarship will cover their tuition fees for the entire period of study at VinUniversity. Besides, these scholarships amount to approximately $126,000-$141,500 per program.
  • Secondly, students with exceptional talent get full scholarships. The scholarship will cover 100% of their tuition fees plus $1,500 for living expenses.

VinUniversity Need-sensitive International Fellowship

This scholarship covers 50% to 80% of tuition fees for the entire period of study at VinUniversity. By the way, the scholarship equivalent is $70,000 to $112,000

General rule

  • Before you receive a scholarship from VinUniversity, firstly, you must be an international student.
  • Secondly, you must also have an admission offer from VinUniversity as an undergraduate.


As it stands, applications that did not meet the eligibility criteria will not make the list. Such as low-grade level, low GPA, or academic records. Moreso, carelessly written applications or incomplete applications are screened out.

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Shortlist Round 1- Online application evaluation

To continue, faculty and admissions specialists will review each submitted application. They will make a list and invite successful applicants to Round 2.

Interview Round 2- Individual Assessment

  • First, VinUniversity will invite all shortlisted applicants to attend interviews for assessments. However, the interview will be remote kind.
  • Faculty from each program will review your overall assessment and performance, and how you fit in at VinUni. If you suit another program, you might be recommended.
  • Candidates will get scholarships based on the number of slots available for each program

Accept an Offer of Admission

  • Meanwhile, candidates do not need to apply for Merit-based Scholarships. As an admitted student you  are automatically considered for the Merit-based Scholarship
  • Candidates that are offered Merit-based Scholarships must respond with an acceptance or decline within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Once the candidate accepts the offer and submits the registration fee, they will receive detailed instructions about the academic year, important dates, events, and how to prepare for their first year at VinUniversity
  • Also, during registration, students must present notarized documents to authenticate their ID, GPAs, and resident or international status. In line with this, you must present other required documents for admission to VinUni and MOET requirements for attending a university in Vietnam.

Regular Application Round closing date: April 22, 2022

To Apply: Visit here


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