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Weird Scholarships for You

weird scholarships for you

There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships out there that serve different purposes. However, as some of these scholarships are prestigious and popular, some are minor scholarships. There are really weird scholarships for you to try out and be amazed.

In this post, you’ll find out some of the weirdest scholarships out there, their details, eligibility, and application process. Therefore, stick to this post to the end so you won’t miss a single piece of information.

Here are some of the weirdest scholarships for you:

  • Tall Clubs International Scholarships
  • Zombie Apocalypse Scholarships
  • Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarships
  • Go Global Scholarships

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Tall Clubs International Scholarships

Have you ever imagined your height could win you a scholarship award? Indeed, that sounds weird, right? However, in Tall Clubs International, they award tall students. Thanks to this funding, tall students can now see a benefit in their natural gift of height.


The award is worth $1,000 to assist the students with their educational expenses as they begin college. Annually, about nine students receive the award.


  • They must be entering their first year in college in the fall.
  • Both male and female applicants are eligible.
  • Only those under the age of 21 may apply
  • It is compulsory to meet the height requirements of the award. On barefoot, the women must be 5’10” while the men must be 6’2”. 
  • Applicants must keep to the applicable rules so that their submissions will be noticeable.

Application Process

You cannot apply directly but only through the Tall Club International around you. Hence, if you have any interest in applying, speak to the TCI so that they may nominate you. 

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Firstly, the candidate needs to pick an application form before the deadline and submit it before the date closes for submissions. Your submission must include the word “Scholarship” in the email subject line. If you don’t do this, the body will ignore the application as there are too many viruses.

Afterward, include your city and state of inquiry and other relevant information on the application form. With a local sponsor, the TCI Foundation will submit your name. If you win, the body will notify your local TCI club, and they will present the award to you.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarships

How about you receiving funding for being a survivor in a terrible zombie apocalypse? Yes, the above is not a joke, and the Zombie Apocalypse Committee is ready to see your survival tactics. With a well-crafted essay on how you’ll live, you stand a chance of winning a Zombie Apocalypse award. 

Hence, if you’re a fan of the afterlife and other zombie revolution movies, don’t hesitate to apply for this one. Unigo is offering you your chance to explore the creativity within you.


The value of the scholarship is $2,000. Applicants may receive $1,000 with a “zombie annihilation crate.” 


Interested persons must meet the following requirements:

  • Only those who are 13 years or older may apply
  • They must reside in the United States or Columbia legally. 
  • All applicants are to enroll in a post-secondary institution before applying. However, those who are registering soon may apply. 
  • The scholarship doesn’t give much regard to the student’s financial need or academic merit, and it’s open to all. 
  • Immediate families of employees, directors, officers, and other staff in the company are not eligible. The organization means parents, siblings, spouses, or children by immediate family. Anyone who has the exact residence address of these people is not qualified. 
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Candidates should be aware that any submission that doesn’t meet these requirements is void. 

Application Process 

The application works via the online scholarship portal. The organization expects only one submission from a candidate. Also, all applications must include their name, academic details, background details, and contact information. 

Furthermore, the organization encourages students to be creative and brilliant with their works. Each work must be previously unpublished and hand-written. 

Once an applicant submits, his work becomes the property of the Sponsor. Hence, the sponsor will not return any work, and there are no responsibility assumptions the sponsor takes. Again, by submitting, the candidate consents to all the scholarship official rules. 

The sponsor will select the winner by judging their submissions. Hence, they encourage candidates to submit their best that addresses the topic. If there’s a tie, the higher score becomes the overall winner. 

Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarships

The name of the scholarship sounds weird enough, but the details also have a queer touch. The Prudent Publishing Company offers the funding to sponsor creative students and encourage their schools. The company is the top publisher of greeting cards for holidays and seasons within the US. 


The funding offers students a whopping sum of $10 000 with an additional $1,000 for the school. Furthermore, if the winner is in an institution at that time, the organization will pay the fees directly. Hence, it covers tuition fees and other educational materials. 


  • An applicant must submit only one application at a time. 
  • All high school students are eligible. Those enrolled in colleges and universities may apply as well. 
  • The contest is open to specific countries only. Hence, candidates should ensure they are from the eligible country. 
  • International students must have a Student visa to study in the country. 
  • All applicants must be 14 years or above. 
  • People who have direct relations with workers in the company are not eligible. 
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Application Process 

Interested and eligible persons may apply online. They must include their picture, full name, date of birth, contact details, and academic details. Also, they must include their article and details of their school and website. 

Go Global Scholarships

If you’d like to study for an MBA degree abroad, then Education.com has an offer for you. You should give the Go Global Scholarships a shot today. 


The value of the scholarship is approximately $7,000


  • Applicants must be applying for an MBA program. 
  • They must have at least five years of relevant work experience. 
  • All applicants must meet the requirements of the university they choose. 
  • They must be studying abroad in any foreign country. 

Application Process 

Interested persons should apply online using their application portal. 


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