FAQs on Diabetic Life Insurance

FAQs on Diabetic Life Insurance

What Is Diabetic Life Insurance?

Life insurance for diabetics is an agreement in which the person with diabetes pays the insurance company fees. The insurer provides a death benefit to the diabetic’s beneficiary upon the diabetic’s death.

How Much Does Diabetic Life Insurance Cost?

Several factors determine the cost of diabetics life insurance in addition to your attributes, such as your insulin dependency, blood sugar level and control, the length of time since your diagnosis, smoking history, the type of life insurance you desire, and your age at the time of application.

Is life insurance difficult to obtain for people with diabetes?

Since diabetes is frequently associated with other health problems—such as obesity—and is a potential risk for other medical disorders, it might be challenging to acquire affordable life insurance coverage as a person with diabetes.

Which type of insurance is best for people with diabetes?

John Hancock’s Aspire.

Is a high-deductible health plan benefits for people with diabetes?

Patients with diabetes should understand that enrolling in a high-deductible plan puts them at risk of skipping or delaying prescriptions.

Clinicians should know that patients with these plans may struggle to adhere to treatment recommendations.

Final thought

Obtaining life insurance may appear complex if you have diabetes — but this is not always the case.

Numerous insurers provide reasonable life insurance for people with diabetes. As a result, do not automatically assume that you are uninsurable. You can locate the correct insurance for you by consulting with an independent broker.

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