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Global Excellence scholarships

Global Excellence scholarships

We want to recognize you for your academic achievements if you have shown distinction in them.


All applicants must:

  1. Have the commitment to enroll in a University of Dundee taught a course at the undergraduate or graduate level?
  • Undergraduate – Must have an offer for a full-time, on-campus course; school of medicine or dentistry courses is not included. Note: A 120-credit course is required.
  • A full-time, on-campus teaching position for postgraduates in any academic program must be offered. A 180 credit course is required, with the exception of the PGDip in Professional Legal Practice.
    This fellowship is available for both master’s by research and master’s by research programs.
  1. have accomplished:
  • Bachelor’s degree – UK BBB A-Level or above (or equivalent).
    UK first-class postgraduate teaching degree (or equivalent).
    UK The University of Dundee has the last say about the equivalencies of all academic credentials.

be designated by the University of Dundee as an international student who pays fees.

not be taking a PhD program.

have a £19,600 tuition cost for the course. Not required:


This scholarship, which has a £6,000 value, is given as a tuition fee remission. No candidate receives direct payment.
The scholarship is paid each academic year that applies: a. Scholarships for undergraduate students are available for up to five years of continuing study. (30000 pounds over 5 years). b. The scholarship will only be applied from Year 2 onwards if the program is a 3.5-year undergraduate degree (School of Business). c. Postgraduate taught applications (including Master of Research and Masters by Research) – in cases where the course lasts longer than 12 months full time and a full year’s tuition is required in each academic year, the scholarship may be used for both academic years of study.

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Scholarships are given out without any restrictions. This is unrelated to the progress of the Course application, though.
Scholarships cannot be given out in proportion to enrollment.


The Global Excellence Scholarship does not have a separate application. All information on an applicant’s Course application will be used by the University of Dundee Admissions Team to assess whether they fit the requirements.

The initial offer stage is when this verification process will take place.

  • The University will not be able to confirm the scholarship if an applicant’s academic achievements are still “pending” at the time of the offer and submission.
  • If a candidate doesn’t fit the bill for this scholarship, the university may let them know about other opportunities.



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