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ISFAP Bursary Application for 2022

ISFAP Bursary Application for 2022 is open from July 2021. Therefore ISFAP encourages all qualified students to apply ISFAP Bursary via the Bursary portal.

Applications to be covered by the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, better known as ISFAP, in 2022 will open in July. Careers Portal had a chat with ISFAP where all your questions on the bursary were answered.

Sifanele Biyela, Regional Project Manager at Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP), sat down with Careers Portal to talk about the bursaries they offer, what the missing middle is and why funding is crucial in South Africa.

Biyela said that applications for the ISFAP bursary will open in July for 2022 funding.

What are the requirements for ISFAP?

To qualify for funding through ISFAP, they are looking for students who have household incomes which range from R0 to R600 000 per year. This would mean that they cover missing middle students.

ISFAP Applications

Applications for 2022 will open in July. You will need to apply online. You will need to create a profile where you will need to add your parent/guardian IDs, proof of incomes and consent forms.

ISFAP then goes through the completed applications and respond to students applications with ‘Pending’ or ‘Incomplete’.

They then go through their internal processes such as testing and following that, they will release offers.

What does the ISFAP bursary cover?

Students will receive a contract once they’ve been approved and this contract will have details about what will be covered and when funding will begin.

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The ISFAP bursary benefits are that your tuition is covered as well as accommodation, meals, transport and also psycho-social support. Students will also receive laptops and cash allowances.

ISFAP does not pay registration fees because by the time you’ve received a offer, you would have already registered.

Students are offered counselling, psycho-social support, world of work preparation and they have programme managers at all the Universities they’re partnered with who will assist students.

Unfortunately, they do not cover TVET and postgrad qualifications and they only fund undergraduate qualifications. ISFAP only funds students from first year and will unfortunately not fund a second qualification.

Where to find ISFAP 


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